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Swindler or wife?

A woman told her husband that she needed 50k to open email accounts for their two kids (Yahoo mail) and he paid.

Unfortunately my guy is poorly educated and not computer literate at all. After bragging around about his kids having email accounts and how much he paid, he got the shock of his life.

I need not explain the shock. This led to a severe fracas between him and his wife in which I had to rush down around 1am to intervene. That was when he reported the scam to me and I nearly had a burst lung trying to suppress laughter.

When I posted this in 2009, I thought the ladies on my friend list would reprimand my friend's wife. Rather many were hailing her!
"Correct babe!" "Sharp sister!" "Na you biko!"

One even said that was the kind of hubby she had been searching for!

Yesterday, he called me to ask if my company did WhatsApp registration for people. My heart lurched as I realized what might be in the offing again. And out it came: His wife said she needed 28k as refund for the money she used to register their kids on WhatsApp! And she actually showed him a receipt! Now he wanted to find out the real prices for WhatsApp registration before refunding her.

Dear peeps, WHAT do I tell my man now?

This is just another whahala now...I've been telling him to give me time to get back to him on the price of WhatsApp registration.