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Help to save someone!

One of my close friends is always quarreling with her elder brother even at the least provocation!  One day, I asked her what is happening between them, because they haven't been like this.

She started to cry and asked if I can keep a secret which I promised to. Having promised her my confidence, she narrated how that brother of hers raped her. After the rape incident, the young man according to her has apologized many times but didn't succeed in receiving her forgiveness.

She informed me that since that day, her beloved brother has become a dreaded person, and that all she thinks is how to kill him. This is very serious ! No member of the family knows about this and she just opened up to me. It is now a year and two months since it happened .

Please how do u think we can help my friend before she commits murder ? Though I have spoken to her at length on the consequences of her thoughts .