The Perfect Parent


Seriously? Do you think that something like that exists? Many people believe in the story of the ideal parents whose children never falls into any problem and who knows how to handle any possible problem or difficulty the family ever faced. I do not think that the “Perfect” parent exists.In fact, it does not exist. If you look around you, and also interact with some other parents you will realize the truth. However, you can do better in whatever you do as a parent.

At home, in the workplace and even at school we are always faced with one challenge or the other. We know that in this world problem never ends. While coming out from one we see ourselves in another! They are what can be called ‘the storms of life’. As humans, when challenges come we handle them according to our emotional condition at the moment. And sometimes we are either overwhelmed by them or we overcome them.

All parents and all children make mistakes in the attempt to communicate with each other and to try to solve problems. Parents should trust themselves and their instincts. You know a lot about your child, that knowledge should always aid you in making decisions and taking steps that would benefit both parties. Thus, as a parent who has such knowledge you should not be afraid of making mistakes. The fear of making mistakes can prevent you from doing even what is right.

When you make mistakes in the face of a challenge how do feel? Do you think that there is nothing else that could be done to make it right? We are all humans, and we make mistakes. Don’t worry, it is alright to make mistakes. The only thing that matters is how you handle that mistake. Some parents are usually surprised when something happen in the classroom and I tell them that it is my fault. After admitting that it is my fault, I usually tell them my plans to see to it that the case is well handled. Most of them understand that we all make mistakes especially when you have kids around or when you are dealing with them. I have equally noticed that whenever I admit my fault, some of them readily see theirs and asks me what they can do to help. Nonetheless, this does not cancel the fact that we should be careful in all we do.  Again, parents and also teachers should always apologize to their children whenever they make a mistake that affects them directly. Children are ready to forgive. They perfectly understand that adults make mistakes as much as they do (children treat with contempt any adult who doesn’t admit his mistakes). Parents should also be ready to forgive their children when they offend them.

As a parent, you need to have your own philosophy. One that makes you feel comfortable and fulfilled. Do not stress yourself into thinking that you can handle all your children with the same method or parenting style. Treat them differently because they do not have the same temperament, intelligent quotient, strength, and health status.

In the course of parenting, remember that professional help is available if problems become much, too intense, exceed your own coping capabilities, or cause secondary difficulties such as a decline in school performance, increased family stress or serious emotional problems. You should not give in to anxiety or depression because of these problems. Take solace in the fact that most number of such cases turn out well when they are handled properly.

Sometimes, parents need other activities to fulfill their self-images, and other sources of love and nurturing. They need time to be adults and also time for themselves. So, parents are also responsible for their own happiness and self-fulfillment. Thus, they should plan their lives properly. Sometime, they need to take a break from children and parenting responsibilities.

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